End-of-year musical ‘This School Rocks!’ 

The end-of-year musical ‘This School Rocks!’ has been the chosen performance to conclude the academic year at SEK-Ciudalcampo. It was performed by students of the Musical Theatre program, accompanied by live music from secondary school students.

Choreographies were created for all grades, from the 1st year of Preschool to the 6th year of Primary Education. The school’s parents’ choir also participated in the event.


The Arts Department went all out, both musically and scenically, to make this musical unforgettable for students and families.

Acknowledgments: Catergest: Toñi, Montse, and the entire kitchen and cleaning team; Maintenance: Marisa, Uber, Iván, Germán, and Antonio; Nursing: María and Yolanda; Wardrobe and organization: Isabel Frías and Laura Rubio; Scenography: María Lorente; Sound and lighting team: Tomy, Dani, Alex, and Campi; Primary School Teachers; Coordinators, assistant directors, and director; Room Managers: Cristina Rubín and Víctor Salgado; Assistant Directors: Carlos Ruano and Blas Moya; Choreographers: Preschool teachers, Jose Martínez, and Sandra Escolano; Live Music Direction: Miguel Dantart; Choir Direction: Álvaro González; Artistic Direction: Miguel Ribagorda.