Sport and Disability 

SEK-Ciudalcampo hosted athlete Beltrán Cal Cabido, who delivered a conference and practical workshops to 5th-grade students about living with a physical disability in sports. 

During his talk, the athlete discussed the impact of sports on his life and emphasized inclusive and adapted sports. He shared his experiences in various sports, including swimming, athletics, canoeing, basketball (currently), and Tchoukball (a non-contact team sport associated with peace).

At the end of the session, the 5th-grade students had the opportunity to experience adapted versions of sports such as basketball, football, and athletics for people with disabilities.

Beltrán boasts an impressive sports resume despite his hearing impairment (profound bilateral hearing loss since birth). He has participated in various deaf basketball world championships, including the one in Poland in 2019, the DIBF 3×3 World Cup (the first 3×3 world championship for the deaf) in Israel 2022, and the World Championship in Greece 2023. He has also been part of several Eurocups, such as the DIBF Eurocup in Poland 2022 and the DIBF Eurocup in Turkey 2023. 

Currently, he serves as a member of the Technical Directorate for the Spanish Tchoukball National Team.