San Isidro in Nursery and Early Childhood Education 

Nursery and Early Childhood Education at SEK-Ciudalcampo celebrated San Isidro Day, the patron saint of Madrid. The festivities, in addition to leisure and fun, also included educational content. Students learned about the culture, history, and musical, gastronomic, and clothing traditions of the city they live in. 

In the Early Childhood Education classrooms, students engaged in various activities related to the celebration: They danced the chotis, a traditional Madrid dance;They created colorful mantones (shawls) using various materials; They adorned the classrooms with typical decorations; They dressed up in chulapa and pichi costumes. 

Furthermore, the verbena celebration extended to the meadow and the Early Childhood Education patio, where everyone enjoyed a traditional snack of chocolate with churros and rosquillas (doughnuts).