Professor Marco Bauer, authority on the UN-DISEC committee of New York 

Marco Bauer, professor of Individuals and Societies at MYP and Diploma at SEK- Ciudalcampo, has been invited as an authority on the UN-DISEC Committee during the Montessori Model United Nations. Held in New York City between February 20 and 24, the event brought together more than 1,600 students from 28 countries from ages between 10 and 16. 

Sphere within Sphere (sculpture in bronze), outside the General Assembly Hall, gift from the Italian Republic to the United Nations in 1996

The UN-DISEC Committee (Disarmament and International Security Committee) played a crucial role in the Montessori Model United Nations. It focused on issues related to disarmament, arms non-proliferation and international security. Delegates represented different countries and discussed strategies to address these global issues. Their participation was essential to foster constructive dialogue and cooperation among the young participants. 

Marco posing with Judith Cunningham, Founder of Montessori Model United Nations inside the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations Headquarters in NYC.