Halloween in SEK-Ciudalcampo

SEK-Ciudalcampo was full of magic and mystery for a week to celebrate Halloween. Students from all grades participated in fun craft workshops at the library. 

Each day of the week there was a different thematic to develop students’ creativity and imagination to learn about the culture and traditions of Halloween. 

In Primary Education, 1st grade students made a Jack o’lantern (the Halloween pumpkin) which showed a terrifying face when opened it. Second grade students designed a movable skeleton with craft pop sticks and cardboard. In 3rd grade, they created a full moon craft mobile, with aluminum foil and cardboard with hung silhouettes of bats, black cats, and ghosts. 

The 4th grade students made a Halloween wreath, with motifs of skulls, spiders and cobwebs, to decorate the classroom door, and the 5th and 6th grade students designed a bag to collect sweets on the 31st, with fabric, paint and stickers. 

In Preschool and Nursery, Halloween was also celebrated with costumes and activities. The little ones dressed up as witches, vampires, mummies and other terrifying characters. They designed crafts such as masks, garlands and pumpkins, and they sang, played traditional games and tasted typical sweets. 

On the big day, October 31, the 1st year Secondary students prepared a Tunnel of Horror for Primary Students, with chilling performances and sinister characters.  

The decoration committee of the Secondary pavilion was made up of Baccalaureate students with mention in performing arts, who demonstrated their talent and good work to help their classmates from lower grades. 

The week was also dedicated to reading scary stories and activities to encourage reading at all stages. Fear catchers, funny ghosts and traveling witches walked with the students for trick-or treating.