Exploring the farm and its animals

The complementary curriculum framework within the PYP includes a series of cultural and environmental activities that are different from those that would normally take place at school. These activities provide our students with a rich core content for their learning.Our students had the opportunity to take a boat ride, ride a donkey, attend two workshops and enjoy of the animals at the farm.

For this reason, our Preschool students had the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities in a unique environment, under the supervision of their classroom teachers and monitors.

The main objective is that our students enjoy being in a natural environment by carrying out various environmental, cultural and sporting activities experienced with their schoolmates.

Whilst on this trip, we encourage our students to be risk-takers by facing new challenges, share their experiences with friends, learn to look after each other, as well as create healthy and balanced habits. While they are away from home, the students encouraged self-sufficient skills in a reflective way always under our supervision.

Past experiences have shown us that our students truly enjoy these sorts of activities and thanks to them, they become more confident. During the school year, our team of teachers work on different aspects of Social and Emotional Intelligence, and during these trips our students can put into practice all they have learnt and get the most out of this program that encourages empathy, teamwork and respect.