April Open day at SEK-Ciudalcampo

On April 15, we had our traditional Open Day of Spring, where students and teachers collaborated to show the learning evidence in the different areas, aligned with the GEF (Global Education Forum) and the IESEK competencies. 

Coinciding with World Art Day, the department of Arts organized different exhibitions by students of Baccalaureate, Secondary, Primary, extracurricular, Music and an interdisciplinary one with the department of Sciences where pigments were investigated and how to create acrylic and oil paint. We also had a Talent Show showing off creative, musical and performance skills. 

Of course, there was no shortage of the traditional popcorn stands, uniforms, and stands of the Departments of Geography and History, Mathematics, Language… 

In Preschool and Primary, activities designed for those ages were carried out and there were demonstrations by the Department of Physical Education. 

As in previous years, the Business Fair was organized, where some companies owned by students’ parents presented their products at different stands.