V Stage at NASA’S Johnson Space Center in Houston

A group of 13 students from SEK-Ciudalcampo, SEK-Alborán, SEK-Atlántico, SEK-Catalunya and SEK-El Castillo  are participating in the V STAGE training at NASA’s Johnson SPACE Center Headquarters in Houston (Texas). This training is an activity of the SPACE Center University for high school students from all over the world.  

For one week, they will carry out the 12 tests that make up this Challenge, competing with other international schools and presenting their proposals to efficiently overcome each challenge.  

To carry out this task, the students receive a fictitious budget that they have to optimise to complete the research and practical implementation of each test. 

Grouped in teams of 4 people, they apply the knowledge acquired in their academic training and in this V STAGE to face the same challenges that NASA engineers deal with daily: “Building Rockets”, “Martian habitat”, “Rover Challenge Rocks” “Cryogenics” and “Thermal Design”, among others.  

The students are immersed in the “Learning by doing” method and work in large Makers Spaces as a group with common objectives.  

Each group divides its work into project-oriented roles, such as: design engineer, budget managing, communications engineer, project manager, etc.  

During the week, they work for 8 hours a day to find some of the methods and technologies needed to support space travel and enable life on Mars.  

At the end of their training, the students will graduate from the SPACE Center University in Houston and will meet with one of the astronauts who has travelled to space on one of NASA’s missions.  

To conclude this incredible experience, the members of the SEK schools team will visit some of the most emblematic places in the State of Texas in order to get to know in depth a culture and history that, on the other hand, is strongly related to that of our country in places such as San Antonio or Galveston.