Charity Run in benefit of the NGO ‘Por la sonrisa de un niño’

On November 23, SEK-Ciudalcampo celebrated the Charity Run to raise funds for the NGO PSE Por la sonrisa de un niño (For the Smile of a Child) at our facilities and also inaugurated the swimming pool. 

During the day we had the presence at the school of Amaya Valdemoro, the first Spanish player to play in the NBA and leader of our basketball school, who organized a game with students, teachers and parents.

We also had Gustavo López, a former Argentine football player, current member of the Atlético de Madrid technical team and director of the SEK-Ciudalcampo soccer school, who also played with students and teachers on our football field. 

Nursery and Early Childhood Education students participated from their enclosure, organizing the races by grade levels.