SEK Ciudalcampo’s Library participates in the 1st UNED Conference ‘School Libraries in action’

Last Friday, October 7, School Libraries in Action Conference took place at the faculty of Education of the UNED (Madrid) organized by the Dynamization Classroom Office of the UNED’s Library and the SM Foundation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, through the Deputy Director office for Territorial Cooperation and Educational Innovation, as well as the Emilia Salas, librarian at SEK-Ciudalcampo, participated in the round table The school library and the school in which they discussed how the library is integrated into the school dynamics of educational centers. 

This day is celebrated with the purpose of analyzing and reflecting on the role of school libraries and their contribution to the development of academic and recreational activities in schools while serving as a meeting place for the entire educational community. In addition, it is an opportunity to learn of the outstanding initiatives of various educational centers that constitute good practices and are mirrors in which to look to replicate them in other places. 

At SEK-Ciudalcampo the library is part of the school life of our students. Our daily practice means that the library space not only offers its extensive collection and resources in various languages, but also becomes a true support for teaching. Examples of activities based on our rich experience were shown, by integrating library sessions into school hours in which work is carried out from three areas: encouragement of reading, documentary education and support for investigation. In addition, the opportunity offered by the library as a place for reading and searching during the recesses and those special days in which it is transformed into a space for games and surprises. All this makes our day to day a benchmark for school libraries.


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