1st year of high school visits the Valley of La Jarosa in a day of coexistence

Friday, September 16, first-year secondary school students and their teachers visited the Sierra de Guadarrama to enjoy a day of fellowship in nature. The visit to the Jarosa Valley is already a tradition in Ciudalcampo, it is a relaxed day in which teachers and students do a hiking route that allows them to share experiences and get to know one another a little better.

The Jarosa Valley is part of the Guadarrama National Park and one of the most beautiful natural environments in the Community of Madrid. The purpose is that, after the first weeks of living together in the classroom and after enjoying this day in nature, the students choose the teacher who this school year will be their school tutor.

Tutoring is a process of academic and personal accompaniment to students, the tutor is responsible for recognizing the learning pace of each of student in addition to advising them for good academic performance in an individualized manner, striving to deepen together with the student and his family in everything that helps him achieve his goals and objectives. This is the reason why we consider important that the student chooses, to the extent possible, the person who will play this tutoring role throughout the school year.