Final Exhibition of the Primary School Program

On Friday, June 17, we celebrate the Final Exhibition of the Primary School Program. The Exhibition is held as the culmination of the Program and is an essential requirement for International Baccalaureate schools. The 5th grade Primary Education students worked throughout the school year to identify a global, national or local problem and design an action based on reflection. In this proposal, PYP students put into play all the transdisciplinary skills they have developed as a result of their time in the Program over eight years and thus celebrate their learning together with their families and classmates. 

This year, the proposals are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the UN for 2030. Among other initiatives, the Stop Poverty team has started a solidarity food collection to collaborate with an NGO that provides aid to refugees from the conflict in Ukraine. The RefoGroup team has investigated the best way to stop deforestation and launched an initiative to replant within the school space. Sia and Stop Mistreatment collaborated with a well-known shelter that welcomes abused and abandoned animals for their care and adoption. The CE and SEK Climate Activists teams have actively supported action against global warming and the protection of species threatened by human action. In their research they have identified solutions and shared them with their smaller classmates. Los Peces con Derecho is the union of students interested in protecting Posidonia and coral as key elements of the ecosystems of the seabed. Among other initiatives, they have created a video channel for scientific awareness and dissemination. His colleagues, Sea Savers, have worked to raise awareness of responsible waste management and their intention is to combat marine pollution by taking inspiration from international initiatives. Discrimination and racism have also figured among children’s main concerns. 

The 4th grade students could see the Exhibition of their classmates first-hand, since they have attended as guests. In this way, their classmates from 5th grade have passed the baton to them for the coming course. In addition, thanks to the collaboration of the SEK-Ciudalcampo with Microsoft, each of the projects has been included in a virtual environment through a Minecraft world that collects all the content created by the students and that will serve as a stimulus for future Exhibitions. 

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