Community Projects Fair


On Monday, June 20, the Community Projects Fair was held, a sample of the projects made by our students during the 3rd year of the Middle Years Program (MYP3/2ºESO). Projects promoted by the International Baccalaureate that pursue the objective of developing student agency and promoting actions for change “where children and young people become social transformers, relevant and capable agents of change not for change in the future, but now“. (Bir Sethi, K. ( 2009) Revolutionizing your classroom is good manners. Website . 

A project fair complemented with the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Passport activity, in which visiting students had to register their visit to each stand with a sticker that changed the color of the SDG wheel and, with that purpose, to complete the entire passport. 

These types of activities serve students to develop skills that would not have as much space in a more academic scenario and at the same time complement it by creating interdisciplinary links, where each student can work from different perspectives and preferences. 

Projects that seek to teach children to read, or recycling, or help other groups with needs, or donate to organizations that do so much social good, or promote and raise awareness of specific problems, or… so many ideas that are born from the entrepreneurial spirit of our students. Here some comments of our students who participated: 

“I have become a kinder and happier person by seeing all that I have and helping other children”. 

“…now I help my grandparents more and I know how important they are to me”.

“I have learned new knowledge and respect because when working with older people you give them the respect and learn the knowledge that they teach you”.

“This project has made me more aware of the effects of climate change”.

“With this project, we have also started to collect our own rubber from the masks and recycle them”. 

“I have thought in a more critical way, since it was a more serious aspect, helping society, not just making a simple decision”.


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