Sixth edition of CICAE Sports Games in Alcobendas

The sixth edition of the CICAE Sports Games was celebrated with 1,200 with 5th and 6th grade students of Primary Education, who could enjoy different non-competitive physical sessions. Our SEK-Ciudalcampo was one of the participants in the event on May 11. 

The different teams of the 24 participating schools played catch-the-flag, athletics, dodgeball, kickball and colpball games, guided by the teachers of the educational centers, who have collaborated in the design of the regulations for these sports modalities and its organization, seeking to promote fair play, camaraderie, effort, teamwork and tolerance. 

José Javier Hombrados, Sports Director of the SEK Institution and President of the Madrid Handball Federation, Gabriel Castellano, Vice President of CICAE, and Aitor Retolaza, Mayor of Alcobendas, spoke at the closing ceremony, highlighting the city’s commitment and from schools for promoting sportsmanship and physical exercise 

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