End-of-year trip for 1st graders at Layos Camp

The first-grade primary students had the opportunity to enjoy an extraordinary program of outdoor activities, under the supervision of monitors and in the company of their school tutors, in a unique environment in the province of Toledo. 

The purpose of this activity is for students to enjoy the natural environment through different environmental, cultural, sporting and artistic experiences lived as a team. 

As part of our students’ additional curriculum, the trip to Layos Camp focused on fostering all the skills worked throughout the school year within the Primary Years Program (PYP). 

With this objective we encourage them to be bold and dare to face new challenges, to share experiences with their peers taking care of each other, as well as learning responsible habits with themselves and with the environment. The students developed their curiosity looking into a natural environment, outside the academic to apply their knowledge.  

During this time spent away from home, they always developed their autonomy with supervision. 

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