Literary educational project ‘I choose the end’

This year, sixth grade students participated in the literary educational project ‘I choose the end’, in which they had the opportunity to work and collaborate with Pedro Vaquero, author of Historias del Reino de Baram, letting them participate in the writing process. 

The students read the beginnings of the stories for a couple of months using them in all the Harkness groups, writing and drawing their own endings. This method is characterised by letting children getting involved, sharing ideas and values to discuss common results, aiming to encourage students to develop communication skills, listening and critical and creative thinking. 

The students were creative and enthusiastic at the end of the process, the ending chosen for the story Los dos leñadores (The Two Woodcutters) was written by Arthur Brabant and Álvaro Moya, with the illustration by Daniella Muñoz. The ending chosen for the story De regreso a Kar (Back to Kar) was written by Clara Becerril and Sofía Martín, with the illustration by Irene Barquilla. 

The book is published now, so we can enjoy the exciting adventures of these distant kingdoms and even continue creating new endings, as imagination has no limits. All profits of this book will be destined to the Inspiring Girls organization whose purpose is to put young girls in contact with model role women, to show them the wide range of career opportunities of our days, increasing their expectations and encouraging their confidence and self-esteem. 


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