Live your March 2022 school

On April 2, we celebrated our in-person Open Day at SEK-Ciudalcampo. We finally saw each other!  

The doors of the school were opened to welcome all families and new families interested in knowing our school. All our students were excited to share their learning spaces, experiences, and favorite teacher with their parents and grandparents or friends… 

The school was an explosion of art, mathematics, and science, there was poetry and word, history and technology, sports and environmental care. There were games and laughter that were intertwines with the learning experiences that we wanted to share. The sun was there for us, the cold breeze too. We were fortunate to see each other again, healthy and enthusiastic for the future.  

These few lines serve to congratulate our teaching and non-teaching staff for their implication and support in our School Open Day and daily work: you are the ones that make up our school along with out children. We would like to express our gratitude to all the families who visited us and those who had a hard time leaving. 

As always, we showed learning evidence in all school stages, from Nursery to Baccalaureate, and participated in solidarity campaigns showing that our students are #caring, #reflective and #inquisitive. We would like to highlight our participation in the football match #TogetherForInclusion 

Each stage and department presented different activities made by students, arranging a business meeting, where parents exhibited their business.   

 The Talent Show of this day brought together numerous talents who showed their skills in different fields, ending the day with the traditional teachers dance in which our principal Cecilia Villavicencio made her debut. Play music could not be missing, which, as always, left us amazed at the progress of the orchestras. 

In short, this was a day full of enthusiasm, reunions and joy as it is a tradition of our Open Days.  

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