Cultural week at SEK-Ciudalcampo

Like other years and as a tradition for us, we celebrate our Cultural week before the Open day, where students and teachers prepare learning activities to be exhibited on Saturday. 

This year we are using Instagram and Facebook to post our news in real time, for which we are inviting you to become our followers and see the activities held in school, including interdisciplinary. 

This week, primary school parents are coming to school to give talks of world cultures. In Early Childhood they enjoyed sensory activities in our “black classroom”, stories with families, color experiments, and even a health talk with an ambulance included. We had a concert with one of the parents of the school, a firefighters visit and an online talk from Italy with an alumni. 

Heppell visited us in Secondary School and we enjoyed a photography exhibition with a cyanotype workshop, as well as an exhibition by our alumni Lorenzo Caprile at the Alcobendas Art Centre. The study of beer from three different subjects was very interesting for our students: they worked on distillations in chemistry, learned of history of beer in Individuals and Societies and studied the different beers produced in Germany within the German Language subject. 

Baccalaureate students continued with Harkness discussions and participated in technological activities. Our technology garden is now in progress. 

Before finishing, I would like to express my gratitude to the parents that collaborated with us, and the alumni who do not forget their school keeping in touch. 

Below some links of the activities posted on our social networks.