White Week trip-5th and 6th grade at SEK-Les Alpes

SEK-Ciudalcampo celebrated the White Week from March 13 to 19, when our 5th and 6th graders students enjoyed a few days of skiing in the surroundings and facilities of the SEK Les Alpes school located in Saint Nicolas de la Chapelle (France). 

A place at the foot of the mountain of Mont Blanc (Mont Blanc, 4,807 m), surrounded by hillsides of the ‘Evasión Mont Blanc’ where the students practiced skiing. Mountains such as the ‘Mont de Arbois’ or ‘Mont Joly’ allowed them to enjoy the snow at the end of season. During the week, the students received ski training taught by instructors of the ESF Academy, as well as an accreditation and ski badge of their level.  

Skiing was a popular activity also in the afternoons when they could practice what they learned in the morning with the monitors, showing the progress of our beginners.  

We were also able to get closer to one of the most important glaciers in Europe by visiting Chamonix in the heart of Haute-Savoie and on the border with Italy. This city welcomed us with its nooks and crannies and the students tasted their famous ‘macaroni’  

To close the week, we visited Megeve, a one-of-a kind town and probably one of the most beautiful of the French resorts, where we tasted a freshly made crepe. 

This was a week full of adventures and fun, but also a fellowship and collaboration among students. 

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