We participated in the 13 Edition of Poetry Recitation Competition of the Community of Madrid

Four 5th graders students participated in 13rd Edition of Poetry Recitation (regional phase) of the Community of Madrid, playing an outstanding role. 

The objective of this competition is to improve oral and written language skills and encourage students to be found of reading, as well as bringing them closer to some of the great authors of poetry and short stories. 

There are two participation groups: Narrative, written test with one hour of execution following the organization’s criteria, and Poetry recitation, for which it is necessary to recite three poems among the proposed on the repertoire.  

The competition has two faces: the students of both groups who pass to regional phase will participate in the finals, presenting to similar contests.  

The students Aaron Magán and Micaela Sara Ades (Narrative) and Olivia Hernández and Pablo García (Poetry recitation) participated in the event led by their Oratory teacher, Ms. Miranda Bene. 


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