Mother Language Day

Mother Language Day is celebrated on February 21st and for us, as an International School this is an important day. This celebration was designated by UNESCO to support multilingualism as a key tool for social inclusion. UNESCO believes in the importance of the mother tongue from the first steps in education, for which it must always be included in children’s school life. 

We celebrate this special day with our students at the Library. Knowing the cultural wealth that languages bring together, we asked them to collaborate choosing a story in their mother tongue and sharing it in a very special story session. We had plenty volunteers and a 4th grader came forward to tell La Cerillera, a classic we all know, told in her mother tongue: Chinese. Xinchen taught us how to say school and friend in her language. She also said that she is learning to write in Chinese and mentioned that is more difficult and that they have different accents. Creating this space for conversation among students made each one of them teach us different languages they know, either by mother tongue or from the places where they have lived and thus we learned some words in Maori, from the hand of Emma and how greetings sound in German, Italian, French… 

There is not no doubt of the pleasure to have their contributions and rediscover what they know and can share. The library offers books in French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese, among other languages. 

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