SEK-Santa Isabel students visit SEK-Ciudalcampo

Every year 6th grade SEK-Santa Isabel students visit our facilities and participate in workshops at SEK-Ciudalcampo. For us it is a pleasure to welcome them, since many of their brothers are students at SEK-Ciudalcampo and we are hoping to receive them next year. 

On this occasion, we showed them the school grounds, welcoming them next at the outdoor dining area where they were informed of the tour schedule. 

The students participated in different workshops. The first was the Art Workshop by Mrs. María Lorente, where they made die-cut creations for cards at the arts classroom of first year of secondary.  

Then they passed by the laboratory, where they saw the facilities and Mr. Rafael Áñez explained our lab equipment, closing the session with a small rocket launching at the yard.  

And of course, they couldn’t miss the visit to our dome to experience observation of the sun from our telescope wearing special glasses for direct observation, led by José Ripero. Our astronomer also organizes observation trips to the field with telescopes to observe different celestial events. 

The students toured the sports facilities and enjoyed a game on the football field, with our principal Cecilia Villavicencio kicking the match off. 

The journey ended at the cafeteria, where they tasted the food prepared for students at our kitchens.  

As always, it has been an honor to have SEK-Santa Isabel’s students here again. We look forward to having them the next school year. 

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