International Education Week

On January 24, we held different activities at SEK-Ciudalcampo with our students to celebrate International Education Day. 

3rd grade students prepared as a team-responsibility a design on Minecraft Education, with the help of their mentors and ICT teacher.  

They worked together on the same virtual world, creating the education word online, coordinating the execution of each letter, color and design.  

In addition to developing cognitive skills such as memory, planning, and concentration, Minecraft enhances visual dexterity, creativity, space awareness, self-control, and decision-making. 

Minecraft offers a virtual setting for teaching-learning experiences through different methods such as game-based learning and collaborative learning. 

4th and 5th grade students watched videos, talked about sustainable development and created posters with inspiring quotes about education.  

Secondary and Baccalaureate students reflected on different issues about education, based on a video of UNESCO. 

In conclusion, all grades have contributed by giving ideas and recognizing how important education is in their lives. 


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