The MoticBA210 microscope, a new member of the SEK-Ciudalcampo family

When thinking about teaching science we often imagine a man with dishevelled hair, a lost look and wearing a lab coat, who fills the blackboard with formulas and unintelligible drawings, and in whose classes nobody understands anything.

Students preparing to observe Mitosis (cell replication) under the microscope.

This common and old-fashioned idea of science education is also often accompanied by the typical image of the laboratory, with students on benches, watching the teacher work. This process is very unscientific, since a very important pillar to build healthy and effective scientific thinking is to experiment with peers. That is, if one person does something, the person next to them should do it too, with the same instructions, and then both should see the same result. Science, in the end, is sharing experiences.

And this is where the new member of the SEK-Ciudalcampo scientific family comes in.

Students observing and commenting on the results. The Moticam 1080INT camera is connected to the SMART board. In this way, students can identify their results without being restricted to the eyepiece of a single microscope, observing and evaluating the sample in real time.

The MoticBA210 microscope, with the built-in Moticam 1080INT camera. This new piece of tech makes it possible to carry out experiments, so we can share results in a much easier and faster way and offering precious time for another step in lab teaching, peer review.  

Sharing results this way, on SMART screens, through a microscope that is more powerful and sharper than those in normal use, allows the class to carry out a much deeper analysis of the results. Seeing our own results with an eyepiece is not the same as proudly sharing what we have achieved with all the class. In the end, science, both in its practice and in its teaching, would be empty if the results could not be shared and enjoyed. And what better way to do it than with this new addition to the lab.

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