New community projects at SEK-Ciudalcampo

Once again, we are warming up for our community projects at SEK-Ciudalcampo. This is a very special year, but our students from grade 3 of the Middle Years Program (MYP3), students from 2nd ESO, want to change the future of our planet. Based on the Sustainable Development Goals, which are our guide to a better future for all, we are building projects, working on various ideas and actions that will allow us to help different communities with a variety of problems. Communities that, in most cases, define and surround us, although proximity does not really matter, what matters is the desire to promote change, innovation and sustainable development.

Jaime, for example, is clear about this. He wants to help the elderly, those who feel so unprotected and alone, but he also wants to help them to be integrated in this changing society, together with his group mates, they are going to create a web page to help to this end. Julieta, on the other hand, is interested in the environment, and her actions are based on promoting a greener world in our own school, by promoting different actions with the elementary students. Max, a technology lover, has motivated his group to design a sustainable virtual city to serve as a model. Winnie and her group, while researching underwater life issues, discovered how harmful the rubber bands from our masks are and came up with a plan to collect them around the school and to design different products that could change the use of this waste. Rosa was concerned about books and found an association that collects secondhand books for a good cause.

And many other projects, ideas, all of them built by the students, and I, as their project supervisor, couldn’t be prouder and happier to collaborate with these creative and committed students.

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