Learn mathematics in an integral way in SEK-Ciudalcampo

Kindergarten students work math through solutions to simple problems in everyday life. This week, their teachers have prepared a large number of activities in which students demonstrate what they have learned and apply their skills in different areas, such as building execution to carry out a water transfer, catching the fish necessary to feed a series of people, pointing the correct answers. putting clips on addition cards or creating small stacks of items based on characteristics are just a few of them.

The development of dynamic and fun strategies for students to learn mathematical concepts is essential in Early Childhood Education. Generating positive experiences with mathematical problems generates an increase in curiosity in children and encourages the logical thinking necessary for learning to occur.

The human being learns by doing. This translated into mathematics means seeing, touching, manipulating and experimenting with objects. The game and the manipulative materials are the best laboratory to learn mathematics and our students demonstrate it daily with their attitude and their desire to discover new challenges and solutions.

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