3rd year ESO students classified for Social Innovation Relay

The Social Innovation Relay program, developed by Junior Achievement and National Nederlanden, aims to introduce students to entrepreneurship from a social point of view.

The initiative seeks that young people detect a problem or social need and propose a viable and scalable business model as a solution. Social Innovation Relay (SIR) encourages creativity, critical thinking and confidence in young people when it comes to providing solutions to real problems.

Organized in teams, the students must detect a social problem, give it a solution in the form of a business idea and present a Business Plan, a promotional video and the design of a viable product.

The finalists present and defend their project before a jury of experts. In this edition, more than 1,200 participants have participated. Two teams of 3 ESO have been classified among the 10 best projects in Spain and one of them, S-Challenge, has obtained the second prize.

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