2nd Baccalaureate graduation ceremony

On Thursday, May 20, the 2nd Baccalaureate Graduation Ceremony took place.

This official event closed the school year and served as recognition to the students who, throughout this year, have completed the academic requirements of a study plan in our School and, therefore, they have earned the academic title of LOMCE Baccalaureate and Diploma.

It was a very emotional ceremony in which the students were able to listen to the brilliant speeches of the godmother of the cohort, Carme Artigas (Secretary of State for the Digitization) and Nieves Segovia (President of the SEK Educational Institution).

Maricruz Lagar, Director of SEK Ciudalcampo School, gave an emotional speech to the students about how to face the academic path that they will begin in university, but above all, she encouraged them with her words and advice to take a positive and confident attitude both for their professional and personal future.

The welcome to the ceremony was delivered by our student Jorge Rodriguez Soltero, and on behalf of the students of the class, students Enrique Delso Segovia and Raquel de la Torre Rueda also spoke.

This ceremony has been the finishing touch to a complicated year for all our students and teachers who have managed to overcome unprecedented challenges thanks to the support of all of our Educational Community.

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