Several SEK-Ciudalcampo students win the third prize in the VIII Public Reading Tournament

The SEK-Ciudalcampo’s Primary Education team formed by Maya Sánchez, Carolina Mata, Lucía Zapardiel and Clara Becerril has won the third prize in the VIII CVE Foundation Public Reading Tournament held last Friday, April 23rd.

More than 200 students from 25 schools in Madrid participated in the elimination phase in the incomparable setting of the Casa del Lector – Fundación Germán Sánchez Ruiperez, which has provided several of its facilities so that the Tournament is held with the highest security guarantees and respecting the capacity limitations of each room, which are exclusively accessed by the participating school and the jury.

The Tournament was held in three categories: 10 to 12 years old (5th and 6th of Primary Education), 12 to 14 years old (1st to 3rd of ESO) and 14 to 17 years old (4th ESO and 1st of Baccalaureate). In each of them there are two modalities, individual and group, in which compulsory texts are read and at the choice of each center. SEK-Ciudalcampo team won the third prize in both the individual and group modalities.

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