Art exhibition of 5th grade in SEK-Ciudalcampo

The 5th grade students have set up a museum with their teachers with versions of some of the most famous paintings in the History of Art. Artists such as Leornado DaVinci, Magrit, Andy Warhol, VanGogh, Frida Khalo and Dalí among others. The exhibition includes interpretations of the works of these great artists made with different techniques such as oil, drawing, collage, photomontage or mixed techniques.

In addition to the interpretation of the work, each of the students has carried out an exhaustive investigation on the author and the chosen canvas Through a QR code, visitors to the exhibition can access the explanatory video prepared by the students themselves.

This activity has been carried out as part of the “We are Creative” Inquiry Unit within the PYP curricular framework that is based on the premise that students are agents of their own learning and collaborators in the learning process. This framework prioritizes people and their relationships, with the goal of creating a strong learning community.

PYP students use their initiative to take responsibility for their own learning in all areas and subjects of study. By learning through inquiry and reflecting on their learning, PYP students develop the knowledge, conceptual understanding, skills and attributes of the IB learner profile necessary to make a difference in their own lives, in their communities and the world in general.

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