International Book Day: Booktubers in Secondary

On Friday, March 23, the International Book Day is celebrated. There are many activities that are carried out in all the courses to commemorate this day, but this year we want to highlight the creation of a Booktoubers channel that Secondary Education students have created to promote a taste for reading.

The students have recorded different videos recommending their favorite books and have edited them in the style of the most famous booktubers in our country. Booktubers are content creators related to the world of books who make critical reviews of different works in a fun, simple, intelligent way and of course with great literary taste.

In order to make these videos, the students had to carry out research on the reading they were going to comment on and also write the script, record and edit the videos in a format suitable for the platform (with very specific characteristics to awaken interest in future readers and keep pace with the creation of this type of digital content).

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