SEK-Ciudalcampo and CESAL’s solidarity project

Throughout the entire academic year, our high school students have led the solidarity educational project with Haiti in which they have participated together with the CESAL organization since 2003. Thanks to this collaboration, 145 students from the Thomas Madiou school have the opportunity to receive their academic training in one of the most affected areas of Haiti.

Thanks to the aid collected by our students through the different campaigns that are carried out during the course, enough money has been collected to collaborate in the improvement of the spaces and infrastructure, the improvement of pedagogical aspects, as well as the promotion of the participation of families and the community and paying attention to especially needy groups, who have left the school system.

The main objectives achieved are also related to the reintegration and school inclusion of the children who are outside the educational system, improvement of educational quality, support for training teachers, the provision of pedagogical materials and monitoring in cross-cutting subjects such as gender, hygiene, environment and human rights.

Our students participate in this project through the CAS activities of the International Baccalaureate and as part of the solidarity action which is also carried out in LOMCE Baccalaureate.

This project is also possible thanks to the participation of the families who collaborate each year and which allows the students of the Tomas Madiou school to receive at least one full meal a day in addition to their education.

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