Nieves Segovia talks about education with 3rd year ESO students from SEK-Ciudalcampo

The 3rd year ESO and 1st year high school students have had the opportunity to chat with Nieves Segovia, President of the SEK Educational Institution, about the current moment of Education.

The students of the SEK Ciudalcampo Mediateam prepared this session with Nieves Segovia, with the intention of knowing more closely and directly the essence of the SEK Culture and its vision as an educational institution.

The changes and opportunities that the pandemic has brought, the educational future, the importance of transversality of learning, global citizenship, the emotional learning and international training have been just some of the topics to which Nieves Segovia has answered during more than 45 minutes of interview.

The talk was carried out in a relaxed and close way, in person with a small group of students and in online format thanks to the High Flex technological devices available to our school.

The High Flex system allowed all students to enjoy the interview with the feeling of being in person in the conference room where this talk was held.




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