Cultural week in SEK-Ciudalcampo

With the Cultural Week underway, in SEK-Ciudalcampo the activities do not stop for a minute! Divided by age and course, all our students still have a couple of days ahead of them to enjoy all the planned workshops. From musical demonstrations, to games to raise awareness about the importance of recycling or a “talent show”, the week is loaded with countless proposals to have fun and learn about current issues.

Also highlights the program of talks and conferences that, Throughout the week, both professionals from different fields such as former students and parents will participate in the different educational cycles online talking about different topics with the slogan “Turn it around”.

Among other of the most outstanding activities of this Cultural Week we have the solidarity race, which will take place this coming Thursday. All these activities are developed and carried out in order to promote “Live your school”, an initiative of SEK-Ciudalcampo so that students feel part of their own institution and get the most out of the academic experience. As an alternative given the current situation, family members will be able to follow the Cultural Week online.

To conclude with the Cultural Week, “Live your school” will take place on Saturday 17th. Throughout the day, there will be multiple presentations by professionals from different sectors. We will also have the presence of Nieves Segovia, president of the SEK Educational Institution, who wanted to be present once again. Also, during the “Open Day; Turn it around ”, different activities will be held such as the Felipe Segovia Memorial, which will consist of a chess competition. Scheduled at 10:15 am, it will be one of the finishing touches to end this week full of activities.

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