Curiosity in Nursery School at SEK-Ciudalcampo

Curiosity is a natural condition and characteristic of young children and it is necessary to stimulate it from the moment they are born so that they develop the ability to learn on their own, since curiosity represents the first step in the formation and acquisition of knowledge.

It is important to develop the capacity for wonder and their interest in discovering the environment that surrounds them. Curiosity means being interested and motivated, these are important factors for a successful training to be possible.

Children are the future researchers of the world and their nature will always lead them to know more and more, so the role of the adult is to encourage this interest and this desire to discover in the child so that he develops the enthusiasm for learning. Our nursery school students carry out daily activities aimed at working on their investigative attitude through all the senses.

This week, they have worked with natural elements of the environment such as plants and materials and using tools such as magnifying glasses and microscopes specially designed for them.

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