SEK-Ciudalcampo students participates in Sustainability Week 2021

The Rurally project of the SEK-Ciudalcampo entrepreneurship students will participate in the Sustanaibility Week 2021 call.

This is the First B Academics meeting in Spain that aims to help the academic and professional community define and expand the limits of research and teaching about B Corps in our country.

In this space, the students will present their project and will work on identifying the collaborative lines of action that are necessary to accompany the transition of businesses towards an economy with positive social and environmental impact.

This event is promoted by EADA, a non-profit organization dedicated to training, applied research and knowledge transfer to the business world and to society in an international context, and B Lab Spain, a foundation that serves the B Corp business community of our country to help companies compete to be not only the best in the world but also the best for the world.

The students of the Rurally project will present their vision of education in the development of the rural world at this meeting.

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