International Mathematics Day

On February 14, the International Day of Mathematics was celebrated. UNESCO consolidated this international date to give the deserved recognition that mathematics deserves for its important role in facing the challenges of our time in all areas: artificial intelligence, health, climate change, energy and sustainable development, data interpretation and improvement of the quality of life of society in general.

The Department of Mathematics proposes each year a new theme to encourage students to participate in this international event and to awaken creativity and create connections between mathematics and daily life.

Throughout the day, students and teachers demonstrated the knowledge acquired in class in relation to the number Pi and demonstrated it through various activities. Students in 6th grade of Primary Education learned the concept of this number as well as the decimals that compose it. In Secondary they held a mura contest In which they had to capture the maximum number of figures that make up this number and in 1st year of high school they developed games based on the Pi number, educational videos explaining the history of this number and even recipes for cakes and biscuits with the Pi shape.

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