#MyFreeDomday in SEK-Ciudalcampo

On March 16, more than 200 students from 6th grade of Primary Education, Secondary Education and Baccalaureate participated in the fight against child slavery through the #MyfreeDomday call that is held annually by the CNN television network recorded videos in Spanish and English explaining what freedom means to them using the hashtag # MyFreedomDay2021.

It is an international movement of students that under the slogan “We take the Pledge”. With this international event, young people are asked to commit to the actions that are being implemented to be a responsible consumer and spread awareness about the slavery in supply chains through a social campaign led by students around the world

By signing the #MyFreedomDay pledge, participants join thousands of schools in more than 100 countries, to reflect on the message ‘The decisions what you take, the actions you take ‘this year. In addition, through social networks you are encouraged to create a chain of freedom by nominating three friends in your social circle.

Longer and more creative chains of freedom will also have the opportunity to present yourself on CNN.com/MyFreedomDay and other CNN platforms using the hashtag # MyFreedomDay.

To prepare for this day, and reflect the era of e-learning, the network has provided u A selection of resources for schools, students, and community groups to contribute to the day no matter where they are in the world.

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