Visual Arts in Primary Education in SEK-Ciudalcampo

The Visual Arts are one of the most important tools to develop the creative thinking of Early Childhood and Primary Education students.

At these ages the brain collects all kinds of information more easily and for this reason it is important to apply techniques that stimulate and facilitate learning.

Creativity is not only a natural talent, it must be developed throughout life so that it can be become an attitude that can be used in any activity or profession.

At SEK Ciudalcampo we consider that creativity is essential for the comprehensive training of students, for this reason we integrate into the curriculum all those disciplines that contribute effectively to their development: Theater, Musical Theater, Music, Cinema, Personal Projects, STEAM skills, Design, Literature and specific activities to increase the creative capacities of students through projects of individual interest are just some of them.

In 3rd grade of Primary Education they have made an exhibition this week in which students have had to version paintings by authors such as Vincent VanGog, the purpose is to reinterpret a common visual idea to which they have had to apply different techniques, colors or meanings.

The result has been the most interesting and above all motivating for the students who have also been able to share their work with the rest of the Educational Community through the exhibition of all their works.

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