Design Thinking and Learning by doing, also online in SEK-Ciudalcampo

The 3rd grade students of Primary Education have carried out different activities throughout the week based on active methodologies and learning strategies such as Design Thinking and Learning by doing.

The students are working the Inquiry Unit “How the world works” thanks to the Design Thinking methodology, the students develop their capacity for ideation and the capacity for cooperative work through the different phases of the learning process.

On the other hand, the Learning by doing methodology, it manages to bring learning to a real and concrete context in which the students work as a team to organize the ideas and achieve the objectives set, it is a methodology that is not based on achieving the best results but on experimentation.

This methodology is committed to self learning based on practice that stimulates participation, activity and innovation. Bringing these methodologies to the Blended learning model is one of the challenges that teachers have set themselves so that student learning continues to be practical and meaningful.

In this way, whether students can attend in person or if they have to connect online with their classmates and teachers, the teaching-learning model of our school is developed effectively.

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