The students of 1º of Primary Education of SEK-Ciudalcampo make their presentations for the summative task

The students of 1st year of Primary Education of SEK-Ciudalcampo have made this week a series of individual presentations for the summative task of the Unit of Inquiry “The Animals”.

The students have prepared presentations in English and Spanish about their favorite animal and have presented their work to the rest of the classmates (both in person and to those who participated online).

Each of the students has chosen the subject and the language in which they wanted to carry out this activity, which is part of their learning process and which serves teachers and families to demonstrate the level of achievement of the knowledge acquired as well as the skills and competencies that the students have developed throughout the Unit of Inquiry.

This way of evaluating and demonstrating learning from different points of view also allows students to develop creativity and enhances their research, planning, analysis, reflection and linguistic expression skills.

The feedback that students receive from both their teachers and their peers, turns this experience into a very meaningful learning that helps them motivate themselves to continue advancing in their learning process.

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