Several 4th year ESO students from SEK-Ciudalcampo create a podcast channel

The 4th year ESO Science Culture students of SEK-Ciudalcampo have created a podcast channel in English in which they talk about topics related to general topics such as our knowledge of the observable universe, technological advances and their environmental impact, and quality of life,

To carry out this activity, the students have to write, record and edit each of the podcasts to later upload it to their channel on Spotify.

During the Scientific Culture classes, the students prepare and write the topics they are going to discuss and later attend the Makerspace studios to record on the podcast and videopodcast equipment available at our center. T

he podcast as an educational resource is undoubtedly a tool that facilitates student learning and helps them acquire many of the competencies of each of them subjects.

In addition to practicing the students’ linguistic and technological competence, autonomous and personalized learning is promoted and has multiple benefits: consolidation of learning, development of creativity, motivation for the content of the subjects and increased motivation, among others.

Of the 4th ESO students is called White boards and pens and can be found at the following link. 

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