Artistic Baccalaureate, one of the itineraries offered by SEK-Ciudalcampo

SEK International School Ciudalcampo offers the possibility of studying the Baccalaureate in the Art modality for several years.

It is an option that is mainly aimed for all those students who have creative, expressive and social skills and who are also interested in the world of performing and musical arts, plastic arts and the conservation of cultural heritage.

SEK-Ciudalcampo is a great opportunity since students have all the necessary means to develop and enhance their creativity thanks to the facilities they have: art workshop, radio and television studio, 3D printers and makers space, among others.

The objective is for students to develop their creative talent through knowledge of the different artistic disciplines and with specific technical training in aspects such as drawing, graphic design and audiovisual language.

This week, the students of this itinerary, within the Technology subject, have been designing a house in 3D. For this they have had to make the plans of the building, the interior and exterior decoration, the lighting design, heating and all the other technical and decorative requirements of a house. Subsequently, they have been able to transfer their creation to a 3D video format that can be viewed by the rest of their colleagues.

On the other hand, in the Audiovisual Culture subject, they have started with the production of an animated short film with all its phases: creation of the script, storyboard, sketches of the settings and characters, etc. After this first process, they will focus on the making and recording of the short, the musical edition and the montage.

In Visual  Arts, students attend the Arts workshop every day to develop their capacities with drawing and designing by manipulative means and through technology. In addition to these subjects, the students obtain a great training thanks to the Fundamentals of Art subject.

In this way, and thanks to the programming included in this itinerary, students are prepared for access to a great variety of university degrees in addition to artistic ones: Political and Administration Sciences, Advertising and Public Relations, Sociology, Translation and Interpreting, Pedagogy, Philology, Social Education, Journalism, Image and Sound, Tourism, Videogame Design, Political Science and a many more.

SEK-Ciudalcampo offers all the Baccalaureate itineraries and supports the Arts option that very few centers in Madrid have within their educational offer.

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