Online classes for younger students

Both the Nursery School students and the Infant Education students have also started their online classes this week.

With great enthusiasm and enthusiasm, every day, the students have been connected with their teachers by carrying out activities that maintain the affective bond after the Christmas holidays.

For this they have used, thanks to the collaboration of families, the digital platforms that the school has enabled to make intuitive and secure connections.

Talking about the gifts they have received at Christmas in the assembly, making recipes, continuing with the dynamics of early care, conducting research activities, attending music, art and other subjects that make up their academic training, has been possible since Monday, January 11.

All the activities have been created taking into account the ages of the children and their attention time, which is different from the rest of the school stages and much more limited.

For this reason, one of the important points to take into account in online classes for Early Childhood Education is the change of activities that adapts to the rhythm of the students, the attention span and the skills as users of technology.

The online class schedule for the youngest students has been planned with great care, respecting the necessary rest times and the daily routines established for this training cycle.

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