Three high school students will participate in the ASHOKA Changemaker Lab

Last weekend, high school students Jimena Jiménez, Carolina Schlegel and Juan Luengo were selected as candidates in the ASHOKA Changemakers Lab.

The call began last year and to be appointed candidates they have had to demonstrate their skills and comply with the following criteria:

  • Be agents of change: empathize with a problem and develop your own idea to address it:
  • Be part of a team: be able to carry out a positive change within the same community
  • Achieve a positive impact: help improve life of other people and the environment that surrounds them
  • Be prepared to assume their role in society: co-lead the global movement towards a world in which we are all agents of change.

ASHOKA is a global community of social entrepreneurs and innovators that is present in more than 200 countries and that carries out different initiatives for both young people and professionals.

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