First day of school at SEK Ciudalcampo


The day expected for the return to class of all our students arrived. Without a doubt, it has been a challenge after six months without face-to-face classes. The return to school has been full of enthusiasm, but also with news and protocols to maintain the safety and hygiene of our entire educational community. It has been a staggered return in which the students have had time to learn the new routines: use of gel and masks, temperature measurement, use of shoe cleaning mats, bubble groups and stable coexistence groups and separate or group entries to ensure maximum safety for students It will be a different course, with thermometers and constant hand washing and also with direct contact between families, teachers and management team. But despite all this, our students have returned with smiles, wanting to see their friends and teachers and with the renewed hope of a new course. We have prepared a short video that serves as a summary of this very different beginning of the course.


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