Virtual breakfasts with the school management

The director of the SEK Ciudalcampo International School meets weekly remotely with the families of the students to enjoy a virtual coffee.

This series of meetings has been held in person for several years and with the arrival of the confinement, they have been held with the families who are part of our school community and with those of the new students who will join our learning community on The next course,

The objective is to develop, from the beginning, direct communication channels between the school leadership to share the experiences that families have in the formation of their children as well as to share all their concerns.

With the arrival of the pandemic, these sessions have followed their usual course, although in an online format, and are undoubtedly a great tool to evaluate the achievements of remote education in the center, from the point of view of families.

The initiative has been widely accepted and the families have highly valued the educational model that has been implemented during this period through constant congratulations for the work done that has allowed their children to continue their academic training successfully.

On the other hand, the families have shared their concerns and have been presented with the different action plans for the beginning of the course next September.

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