Art and photography 360 at ESO

4th ESO students have participated in the Art and Technology project “Confinement does not separate us”, a virtual exhibition of 360 photography and digital image processing applied to the Visual Arts. During the first quarter they photographed 360 all the spaces in the school and now, with the help of image retouching techniques, they have made photomontages with portraits of their classmates and friends. The objective of this activity has been to join virtually with all those friends who are both missing and with whom they would like to continue living the usual experiences of school such as sports activities. classes or moments of rest on the patio or in the school canteen. Training in Visual and Plastic Arts offers students various opportunities, such as transcending the use of various artistic languages ​​to express their perceptions of reality, their emotions and feelings in addition to developing an affective, creative and playful balance that helps them express and transform the current moment. With this activity, students have demonstrated their knowledge in subjects such as Design and Technology through artistic training and applied to the real historical context that this academic year is experiencing. The final result is surprising and very interesting and can be visited at the following link.

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