Fair of Personal Projects in 4th of ESO

All 4th ESO students (MYP’s 5th year) carry out a Personal Project during the course, one they choose according to their interests and which involves a practical side through a cycle of inquiry, action and reflection as well as responsibility of completing the process over a year.

On one hand (with these projects) students are encouraged to reflect on their learning and generate new creative ideas by deepening the research process and demonstrating the skills, attitudes and knowledge necessary to complete a project, specially considering that is always carried out on topics of personal choice and taking into account each topics own nuances.

On the other hand, this helps them understand the importance of planning their time, finding solutions to problems that may arise and making decisions about the learning process.

At the end of the work delivery period, a fair is held in which all the projects participate and in which the students explain what they have created and learned throughout the year.

On 2020, the fair had to be done online due to the COVID-19 circumstances, but the quality of the students’ work as well as the passion for presenting them to the rest of the community made this year’s projects be as compelling and fascinating as previous iterations.

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