Rurally project wins Junior Achievement National Mini-Company Competition, 14th edition

Three SEK-Ciudalcampo students from 4º ESO have won the Ready For Work Award. The award was given by Manpower Group, in the context of the XIV National Competition of Mini-companies, organized by Junior Achievement Foundation.

The Ready for Work award is aimed at recognizing teams of students that have best built work readiness skills during the competition. In this occasion, the award has recognized the talent and abilities of SEK-Ciudalcampo students in creating a digital company. Digital leadership, innovation, communication, creativity and teamwork are some of the skills that the jury has valued in the Rurally project designed by our students.

The award is given to students who are capable of demonstrating talent in key sectors of the economy, such as IT, where future of employment will require not only academic training but also the acquisition of so-called soft skills. The winning team needs to display ability, likeability and drive, all of which are integral to learnability, and their project needs to nurture and inspire these qualities in others.

The purpose of the Rurally project is to fight against the so called España vaciada (emptied Spain), focusing on actions that need to be taken in the main capitals of each province. Those cities are, ultimately, the support and lighthouse of the different regions.

Rurally is a platform that allows municipalities to compete with each other to attract talent, in a remote work modality. It offers a mutually beneficial framework of collaboration for companies, workers and municipalities. The current Coronavirus crisis is bringing a major labor transformation. It offers an opportunity to take advantage to rethink the current population distribution, the support to municipalities, and the strong promotion of companies looking for a better future.

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